Rockhoppers backdrop

A real-time, frantic race to mine and collect sets of rare crystals from the rings of Saturn!

Rockhoppers is a fast-paced, realtime racing and set collection game that utilizes dice. Lots of dice. With six different factions to choose from, Rockhoppers sees all players simultaneously pilot their mining ships around the rings of Saturn in a race to mine rare crystals (β€˜dice’) hidden within the space rocks.

Use different combinations of mined crystals to propel your ship forward, upgrade your ship’s functionality and score points!

At the end of the game, players receive points for the crystals they have collected, and bonus points for specific combinations of crystals they have collected.

Rockhoppers is currently being judged as a semi-finalist in the Dice Mitigation Challenge and was rated 14th of 61 entries in the community voting round.


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