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Deep in the jungle, the remains of the long lost-kindom of Rolá have been unearthed, revealing a trove of ancient relics! Treasure hunters vie with their rivals to collect the most valuable set of relics through discovery, foraging and the occasional theft...

With only three rules, Relics of Rolá can be learned in minutes, yet winning requires a surprising amount of strategy that even hardcore gamers will appreciate.

Relics of Rolá has:

  • bluffing,
  • deception,
  • card counting,
  • risk taking and
  • many 'take that!' moments.

Collect the most valuable set of relics by discovering new relics or picking up old relics that your opponents have discarded. Employ Thieves to steal turns from other players, or just trick them into giving up better Thief cards so they can't be used against you later when it really matters.

A unique point scoring mechanism sees the winner of each round take points from their losing opponents - but opponents can always minimise their losses by discarding high value relics before the end of the round.


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