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A card collection game of negotiation and broken promises.

The battle of Hedonia was short lived (which, as far as battles go, is probably the best one could hope for).

A revolution has replaced the old ruling structure - the ruling clans and their borders are now gone, and the entire land of Hedonia is united under a single King.

However, whilst the old clan chiefs are gone, their clans still remain. Renamed as 'houses' (it sounds more noble), the King grants each house autonomy to manage their surounding shared lands that now belong to the Kingdom.

There is a slight problem though: the shared lands between adjacent houses contain magical creatures and enchanted artefacts – these assets are valuable, but who decides which house gets to keep them?

To prevent further bickering, the King dictates each house must present their collected assets to their neighbouring house. If both houses want it, the asset’s value will be split between them. If only one house wants the asset, the house can claim it as their own. If neither house wants it, the asset will be given to the King.

Let the negotiations begin…

Quabble is a fast-paced negotiation game of card collection and strategy.


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Official Rules

The official rules for Quabble are available here - they can be easily read on a mobile phone or computer screen, and can be printed out if necessary πŸ‘